What is MuayThai?


MUAYTHAI is the national sport of Thailand and has been around for four centuries. It was originally developed as defense against enemy nations and has since become known for being simple and extremely effective. Known internationally as the "King of the Ring", it has historically destroyed challengers from kickboxing, karate, kung fu and other striking arts. It is the standup training most used by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors worldwide and combined with jujitsu for grappling creates a total combat athlete. Muay Thai develops students both physically and mentally and has continuously increased in popularity. Muay Thai makes use of four of the body's weapons; legs, knees, elbows and fists. Techniques taught are learned quickly and are able to be used in a short amount of time. Muay Thai provides stress relief, strength, cardiovascular fitness, self-defense and it is extremely fun.



Why should I consider training at Pittsburgh Muay Thai?

If you are searching for authentic MuayThai, we are the most authentic in the TRISTATE AREA.

TIPS for selecting an authentic MUAY THAI CAMP

  • Do they teach MuayThai? You'd be astonished at how many gyms really teach kickboxing and call it MuayThai. Simply adding leg kicks, a basic knee/elbow strike does not make it MuayThai. There are many variations of kicks, knees, elbows depending on range and situation. These subtleties are learned from a REAL MuayThai fighter and trainer.
  • Do they teach a proper MuayThai Stance. If they don't teach it and don't drill it until you have it right, then it is not REAL MuayThai.
  • Do they do proper pad work? Pad work is essential to developing technique, timing and conditioning. REAL pad work is a whole different game that simulates a fight.
  • Do they clinch and knee spar? If not, keep looking. Simply grabbing the head and lifting knees upward is not clinching. This is the most difficult fighting range to master and takes time to develop.
  • Do they teach the Teep? This is a main staple of REAL Muay Thai.
  • Do they know elbow defense? Not just throwing elbows, but how to defend as well. If they don't...its not REAL MuayThai.
  • Do they teach ring strategy? After you develop your skills offensively and defensively do they train you in ring tactics?
  • Do they know the categorical types of fighters? Aggressive, counterfighter, etc.?  
  • Do they teach fighters the wai kru? Ram muay? Have any connection to the cultural element of MuayThai?
  • Do they know how to score and judge muayThai? Most kickboxing schools think the same criteria are applied to all forms of kickboxing, which is erroneous.

When can I fight?


Khaay Muay Sit-Kangmongkorn offers intensive MuayThai training to those looking to compete or those already competing, whether a professional or amateur muayThai fighter, or MMA fighter looking for solid stand-up training.

With strong connections to many promoters and sanctioning bodies globally, our fighters have competed on 3 continents. We train our fighters efficiently and develop signature styles capitalizing on physical and mental strengths and reducing deficiencies.

Our training regimen mirrors 1st hand experiences in the MuayThai camps of Thailand. Training is deliberately hard, but not excessive. We train 5 days a week yet limit overtraining and hard contact sparring as injury prevention measures. Our fighters are pushed during training to drive past physical and mental limitations.

Fight Team Member Requirements:

  • Must have completed a minimum of 6 months of training with us and pass your Shorts Test. You will then be evaluated for fight training and possible competition.

  • All fight team members are expected to maintain an exceptional work ethic. If you cannot exceed the physical expectations of the standard level class students, you cannot fight for Team Sit-Kangmongkorn.

  • We refuse anyone who only wishes to "spar" in our fight team workouts. Beginning fight team members do not spar until trainer requirements are met. Sparring is an exercise in timing and technique, not an opportunity to go full power.

  • Team Sit-Kangmongkorn members possess humility. We are a close family without egos or attitude. You represent us and our passion for MuayThai, therefore you are expected to show respect to everyone...even your adversaries. We do not tolerate poor sportsmanship.  

  • If you miss more than 3 workouts within the month prior to an event, we will be forced to withdraw you from that event.

  • Listen to your coach! Both in the gym and in your corner.

I can't train at set class times, is private training an option?


Private training is available at many different times, inquire with the trainers.